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1. What is a Customer Identification number and how is it useful?

Customer Identification Number (CIN) is unique number that is assigned to every customer on sign up and it allows any Monthly Plan customer to phone call, message, and video call any other Unlimited Plan customers for free!!!

You can find the SmartTalk number in the My Account->Details page.

2. What are the Local Access Numbers that I can use to make calls?

Click here for the complete list of Local Access Numbers.

3. I forgot my SmartTalk password. How do I retrieve it?

Click the forgot password link in the top right of any SmartTalk page.

4. What do I need to get started with SmartTalk?

Getting started with SmartTalk is as easy as 1,2,3.

5. What is the right format to enter the phone/mobile number in the SmartTalk SignUp form?

Mobile/Phone Number must be 10 digits (country code is not needed).This is the number that appears in the receiving party's phone. This number should be the number that account holder owns.

6. Are the international call rates displayed in your site inclusive of all taxes?

Yes, the comprehensive international call rates list has both (rates with and without tax).But the rates to popular destinations displayed on the right are not incl. taxes.

7. Is an Internet connection included with your service?

No. In order to use SmartTalk service, you'll need to have broadband Internet service from a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP). SmartTalk works with any high-speed Internet service (such as DSL or cable).

8. Does SmartTalk provide installation services?

Yes, although SmartTalk is easy enough for most users to install on their own. For any questions email us at

9. Will I receive a paper bill?

No, but you can see your statement anytime by logging in to your SmartTalk Account . You can also see past and present billing activity and print copies of your statements to keep for your own records.

10. What is the mobile number that should be entered in the sign up form?

Account holder's mobile number should be entered in the form.This number is verified by SmartTalk before activating the account.

11. How is the call quality with SmartTalk?

Excellent. SmartTalk uses its own carrier network and uses highly compressed codecs for better end to end call quality.

12. Why do I need SmartTalk?

When you use SmartTalk, your international phone charges are lower and text messages to other SmartTalk users are free!

13. Will SmartTalk help me reduce my phone bill?

Yes, our international call rates are lower than traditional landline or mobile phone services. Once you and your friends install SmartTalk, you can use it to talk and message as much as you want and it's all free!

14. Does it cost anything to use SmartTalk?

SmartTalk and all SmartTalk features are absolutely free for active registered SmartTalk customers and do not require any additional purchase.

15. What devices work with SmartTalk?

Microsoft Windows: SmartTalk works on laptop/desktop computers with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and newer
iPhone: SmartTalk works on iPhone Models: 3GS, 4, 5 with IOS: 4.x, 5.x and newer
iPad/iPod Touch: SmartTalk works on iPod touch and iPad (latest generations) with IOS: 4.x, 5.x and newer
Android: All mobile phones with Android version 2.3 and newer
BlackBerry: All Blackberry devices with BB software version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and newer
Nokia: All Nokia smart mobile phones with Symbian OS 2.x, 3.x, and newer
ATA: Any generic unlocked telephone adapter.

16. Can I invite my friends to SmartTalk?

Yes, and the more friends you have who use SmartTalk, the more free calls and messages for you! Click here to invite .

17. Can I call people who don't have SmartTalk?

Yes, if the person you're calling doesn't have SmartTalk, the call will be placed like a regular call and charged as per the rate plan, but don't forget to invite your friends to SmartTalk so your next call is free.

18. I don't have 3G, can I still use SmartTalk?

Yes, you can make calls and send messages via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and as well as Local Access Numbers.

19. Can I use SmartTalk internationally?

Yes, it doesn't matter whether you and your friends are on the same network or even in a completely different country, you can talk and text as much as you want for free! Just make sure your friends have SmartTalk and check your data plans and roaming rates.

20. How to recharge account using a PIN?

From miPhone dial 1112 to recharge your account.

21. How to check account balance?

From miPhone dial 1113 to check balance.

22. How to check voice mail?

From miPhone dial 1110 to check voice mail.

23. I am Monthly Plan user and I see INR 0.00 balance in Balance / Recharge page on SmartTalk portal. What does this mean?

The INR 0.00 balance that you see in the Balance/Recharge SmartTalk portal page is your Pay-As-You-Go balance that can be used to call any country that is not in the list of countries of the Monthly Plan.

24. I am getting the error when installing the miPhone for Windows: "The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. Contact your support personnel to verify that the Windows Installer service is properly registered", please advise.

1. Click on start button and go to run, type Services.msc and click OK
2. Opened services window
3. In this window you should see Window Installer, right click on windows installer and start 4. Now install the miPhone for Windows dialer software

25. How to call using local acess number?

  • Call a Local Access Number from your registered home, office, or mobile phone
  • You will hear your account balance then enter the complete phone number you want to call followed by the #

*Your local phone company may charge you for calling these access numbers. Free local calls or free long distance within the US phone service plans will ensure that your provider will not charge you for accessing our system.

26. How to register my home, office, or mobile phone number with the SmartTalk service?

To register/add additional numbers to your account,please follow the steps below -

1. Login to SmartTalk website
2. Click on MyAccount link in the left side panel.
3. Click on Add button in Mobile Number Details section and follow the on screen instructions.

27. In MyAccount page, why does my mobile number have Unverified status?

As we did not confirm / verify that the mobile number you entered (while signing-up), is in fact your number, we have it as Unverified. This does not affect your account in any way. Kindly ignore.

Monthly Plans

1. What is a Monthly Plan?

Monthly plan is a subscription service with no long term contract and offers lowest calling rates to over 190 countries. It is an ideal plan for people who call a lot with below additional benefits:

  • Crystal clear calls and Unmatched call quality
  • One account to call from any landline & mobile
  • Unlimited Mobile Extensions
  • Free phone calls, messages, and Video Calls to friends and family within the network
  • Option to add Pay-As-You-Go funds to call other countries from the same account
  • 24X7 customer care support
  • No hidden charges
  • No Daily Cap on usage of minutes.

*Conditions Apply

2. How many minutes will I get to call in a monthly plan? What is the validity of the plan?

Please click here for more information on monthly plan minutes and validity.

3. How can I avail benefits of this Plan? Or what is the procedure for activating Monthly Calling Plan?

  • New User - Click here to Sign up for Monthly Plan
  • Existing SmartTalk User - Login to your SmartTalk Account from SmartTalk website and buy the Monthly Plan from Balance/Recharge page

4. Do I have to renew Unlimited Plan every month?

Yes, you have to renew the plan or add credit every month when one of the following occurs. If Auto recharge feature is enabled, your plan will be recharged automatically:

  • When validity of the plan expires OR
  • When talk time of this plan is exhausted

5. Will I get notification regards to Unlimited Plan?

Yes, you will receive confirmation e-mail on the following instances:

  • Sign-up for this plan
  • Successful recharge
  • Update account profile
  • Promotions and Reminders

6. Can I register multiple mobile phone numbers to call USA, and Canada?

Yes, you can register up to three ( 3 ) Mobile Numbers for the plan.

To register/add additional numbers to your account, please follow the steps below -
1. Login to SmartTalk website
2. Click on MyAccount link in the left side panel.
3. Click on Add button in Mobile Number Details section and follow the on screen instructions.

7. Can I cancel the Plan OR terminate my account? Do I get refund of any unused minutes which are available in Unlimited Plan?

Yes, you can cancel the Plan any time. However you will still be able to enjoy benefits of Unlimited Plan till plan validity expires.

The account cannot be terminated during the Monthly Plan validity period. However you can terminate the account once the plan validity is completed.

***Please note that unused talktime will be forfeited at expiry date of the plan. ***

8. What will be the call rate charged if I make calls to destinations other than USA & Canada*?

To make calls to destinations other than USA & Canada*, please recharge your account with any denomination and this amount will be credited to your Pay-As-You-Go account for rest of the world calling and International Call Rates will be applicable.

Please note this balance has lifetime validity with no forfeiting.

9. How to make free calls to other SmartTalk users within the network?

Users can make phone calls to other active and registered SmartTalk users by dialing their Customer Identification Number.

10. How to send free text Message to other SmartTalk users within the network?

Users need to enter the Customer Identification Number , type the subject of the message and then press send button to send an SMS to other SmartTalk active registered users.

11. How to make free video calls to other SmartTalk users within the network?

Users can make video calls to other active and registered SmartTalk users by dialing their Customer Identification Number. After dialing the Customer Identification Number , user is prompted to select from 2 options - Voice Call and Video call, user should now select video call and proceed.

12. Why my Unlimited Plan expired prematurely?

Unlimited plan expires prematurely only if you have exhausted your minutes/talk-time per month. Please click here to see our FairUsagePolicy

13. Why my balance reads 0 when I paid for my Unlimited Plan?

The balance that you see as 0, is your Pay-As-You-Go balance. All Unlimited Plan customers can use Pay-As-You-Go credit to call countries outside their plan.

14. Can I call countries outside the Unlimited Plan?

Yes , you can call countries outside of your unlimited plan. You will need Pay As You go balance to do so.

1. Navigate to the Balance/Recharge page after logging into SmartTalk web site.
2. In the recharge section, select Pay As you go from the Recharge type drop down.
3. From the Amount drop down select the amount that you would like to add to your account.
4. Click Buy. Rest should be self explanatory.

15. How to make calls using a Local Access Number?

Please use our official Local Access Number service to make International calls directly from your home, office, or mobile phone without the 3G/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity service.


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